Return of tickets

  1. Paper single fare tickets are not refundable.
  2. The return of unused prepayment resulting from the remaining points collected in the e-wallet is possible only in the case of deleting the user’s account after blocking the SKA card and its return to ZDiTM.
  3. The passenger is obliged to collect unused funds kept in the e-wallet within 12 months from the moment the SKA card expires or is blocked by the system. After this period, the unused funds are included in the budget revenues of the City of Szczecin.
  4. The return of unused funds referred to in point 2 is only valid for the user of a personal card (in the case of children and young people up to 18 years of age, parents or legal guardians may apply for refunds of their SKA cards).
  5. Bearer periodical tickets are not refundable.
  6. Personal periodical tickets are refundable on the basis of a receipt or other document (e.g. invoice) confirming the purchase during the validity period of the ticket:
    1. in the case of returning a periodical ticket no later than on the third day from the commencement of its validity, a handling fee of 10% of the nominal value of the ticket will be charged;
    2. from the 4th day of validity of the ticket, the return of the ticket can be made only at the headquarters of ZDiTM at Klonowica 5 in Szczecin (after prior approval of the Chief Accountant of ZDiTM), in justified cases such as:
      • a long-term illness certified with L4 sick leave,
      • a stay in hospital certified with a written confirmation of admission to the hospital issued by the hospital,
      • a change of place of residence to a different one than the area covered by the public transport organised by the City of Szczecin – ZDiTM,
      • a business trip confirmed in writing by the workplace,
      • the death of the ticket user based on the death certificate,
      • change/acquisition of a discount entitlement or its loss,
      • for reasons attributable to the organiser of the transport.
  7. In the cases referred to in point 6.2, the amount refunded to the passenger is reduced by an amount equal to 10% of the nominal value of the ticket as a handling fee and by the amount resulting from the ticket’s use, proportional to the validity term.
  8. If the personal periodical ticket is returned before the validity period begins, the passenger is refunded the entire amount equivalent to the ticket value without deducting the handling fee.
  9. The handling fee in the amount of 10% of the nominal value of the ticket is not charged in the event when the immediate and only reason for the return of the ticket are the circumstances on the part of the organiser of the transport.
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