Line 1 (PKS Szczecin)

Thanks to the agreement concluded between the Roads and Public Transport Authority and PKS Szczecin, passengers with a periodical ticket for public transport in Szczecin can use bus line 1, running on the Szczecin – Gryfino route, without any additional charge within the territory of Szczecin.

Route 1 runs from the Szczecin Bus Station (Grodnicki Square) through the streets of Energetyków, Gdańska, Leszczynowa, Batalionów Chłopskich, Metalowa, Dmowskiego, Rymarska and further to Gryfino. The offer is intended for holders of ZDiTM Szczecin periodical tickets (for any line) and persons exempt from fees. It is valid only within the administrative territory of Szczecin. The sale of one-way tickets for other passengers is provided by PKS Szczecin.

Timetable of line 1:

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