What is SKA?

The Szczecin Agglomeration Card (Szczecińska Karta Aglomeracyjna; SKA) constitutes an element of a large project called: ‘Improvement of the functioning of urban transport in the Szczecin agglomeration through the use of telematic systems’.

The carrier of the SKA card is an electronic chip-based contactless card. The SKA card is used along with the traditional paper single and periodical tickets.

The issuer of the card is the Board of Roads and Municipal Transport.

The cards should not be broken, bent, exposed to high temperatures, chemicals or strong magnetic or electric fields, or damaged in any way mechanically (e.g. by punching or cutting). This may cause the card to stop functioning.


On each SKA card there is an e-wallet application that allows you to purchase single tickets. The minimum top-up of the e-wallet is 10.00 zł, and each subsequent one is a multiple of 10. The maximum top-up balance is 150.00 zł.