Ticket machines

Single tickets purchased in ticket machines must be validated immediately upon getting on the vehicle.

Ticket machines offer the following functionalities:

  • topping up the periodical tickets,
  • purchasing and topping up the SKA bearer cards,
  • card information (recent operations on the card, period of validity of periodical tickets),
  • sale of single tickets (tickets to be validated in the vehicle),
  • passenger information: timetable, ticket prices.

Ticket machines accept payment by payment cards, coins, banknotes and e-wallet.

Description of functionalities

Ticket machine

The machine has a touch screen in the middle, at its left edge (1).

Looking from above, at the right edge of the machine there are:

  • banknote acceptor (2),
  • slot for returning rejected banknotes or giving change (3),
  • SKA/SKR card reader (4).

Looking from above, in the middle of the machine, closer to its right edge, there are:

  • coin slot (5),
  • proximity card reader (6),
  • chip/magnetic stripe payment card reader (7),
  • PIN pad for payment cards (8).

In the lower part, there is a tray across the whole width of the machine for dispensing paper tickets, card payment confirmation slips, receipts of season ticket renewal and e-portmonetka top-ups, as well as change in coins (9).

Paying with banknotes and coins

Paying with banknotes and coins

Banknotes should be inserted one by one into the designated slot. Banknotes should be flat, they cannot be folded in half or otherwise.

Coins should be inserted individually into the designated slot. The next coin should be inserted into the slot only after the device recognises the previous one.

When topping up the SKA/SKR cards, follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

The SKA/SKR card should be held to the device at the beginning and at the end of the transaction.


Complaints related to the operation of ticket machines can be submitted by:

For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the complaint form.