Consideration of complaints regarding transactions carried out in SKA ticket machines, electronic ticket validators in vehicles and on a dedicated website

  1. Legal basis:
    1. The Act of 15 November 1984 on Transport law (consolidated text Dz.U. (Journal of Laws) of 2020 item 8 as amended);
    2. The Regulation of the Minister of Transport and Construction of 24 February 2006 on determining the status of shipments and complaint proceedings (Dz.U. (Journal of Laws) of 2006 No. 38 item 266 as amended);
    3. In matters not regulated herein the provisions of the Civil Code (consolidated text Dz.U. (Journal of Laws) of 2020 item 1740 as amended) shall apply.
  2. Types of complaints:
    1. payment complaint (failure to give change or payment back despite the transaction being cancelled);
    2. not printing a paper ticket despite paying the fare;
    3. complaints on payment card transactions (card retention, collection of funds despite cancelling the transaction/operation);
    4. incorrectly charged fare while using electronic ticket validators;
    5. complaints on on-line transactions.
  3. The complaint may be filed:
    1. in writing on a file special form (file format: PDF – file size: 189 kB), which constitutes Attachment 5 to the Ruling of the ZDiTM Director regarding the Regulations for the use of the Szczecin Agglomeration Card – SKA:
      1. in the Customer Service Office (main ticket office of ZDiTM) – Klonowica 5, Szczecin;
      2. by mail via a postal operator;
    2. by sending the document with the use of electronic means of communication in a way that enables to unambiguously identify the person filing the complaint to the following address: or;
    3. using electronic means of communication and a qualified electronic signature.
  4. Filing a complaint with the use of electronic communication represents the consent of the person authorised to deliver a response to the complaint to the email address from which the complaint was sent unless the content of the request for reply or delivery of written requests to the indicated address of residence or seat has been submitted.
  5. The complaint should include:
    1. the date of preparing the complaint;
    2. the name and address of the registered office of the unit to which the complaint is filed;
    3. the name and surname (name) and address (registered office) of the person filing the complaint;
    4. the title and justification of the complaint;
    5. the amount of the claim (separately for each case);
    6. a list of attached documents;
    7. a bank account number appropriate for payment of the liabilities;
    8. the signature of the person entitled to file a complaint in the case of a complaint filed in writing.
  6. The attachments to the complaint should include:
    1. according to the object of the claim, the originals of the documents regarding the conclusion of the contract of carriage (in particular, the ticket, the receipt of the purchase of an electronic ticket or other document confirming the type and amount of the purchase);
    2. confirmed copies of other documents related to the type and amount of the claim or data specified by the carrier, allowing identification of the concluded contract of carriage;
    3. documents confirming entitlements to free or discounted travel;
    4. power of attorney if another person files a complaint on behalf of the passenger (who is the subject of the complaint).
  7. Additional information in the complaint application:
    1. the date and time of the transaction;
    2. the location of the ticket machine;
    3. the vehicle side number (applies to transactions carried out in a vehicle);
    4. internet transaction identifier;
    5. ticket type;
    6. the amount of the claim (including specification of face values);
    7. the first 4 and the last 4 digits from the payment card number (if the complaint concerns a payment card) or bank payment confirmation;
    8. description of the complaint.
  8. Time and method of settling the case:
    1. ZDiTM immediately confirms the reception of the complaint in person or in the form of an automatic reply (autoresponder) to the sender of the statement made using electronic means of communication;
    2. the response to the complaint is granted within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint;
    3. if the complaint does not meet the conditions referred to in points 3–7, ZDiTM calls the claimant not later than within 14 days from the date of its receipt, when it is necessary for the complaint to be properly processed, to remedy the deficiencies within the prescribed period, not shorter than 14 days from the delivery of the notice, informing that the failure to provide the missing information in this period will result in leaving the complaint without consideration. In this case, the date of receipt of the complete complaint to ZDiTM is considered the date of filing the complaint.
  9. Appeals:
    1. in the case when the complaint is not considered in full or in part the passenger may appeal to the ZDiTM Director within 14 days from the date of receipt of the negative answer;
    2. if the complaint is not accepted or only partially accepted, the passenger has the right to bring the case before the competent local court.