Line 94

Daytime normal bus line

The route of the line

Turkusowa ↔ Struga
Turkusowa – Przelotowa – Łubinowa – Maciejowicka – Szymborskiej

Route stops

Direction: Struga
Travel time between stops Stop
2 Lniana
2 Osiedle Słoneczne
0 Zaranie
1 Maciejowicka
1 Szymborskiej
1 Struga (last stop)
Direction: Turkusowa
Travel time between stops Stop
1 Szymborskiej
1 Maciejowicka
1 Zaranie
1 Osiedle Słoneczne
1 Przelotowa
1 Lniana
2 Turkusowa (last stop)


The location of the vehicles is approximate. Vehicles that do not send localisation signals are not visible. The localisation data is updated every 30 seconds.

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